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Server NameUsersAddress:PortDescription
...___The An Imperial Sinn server. Est 1997. Last Seen 2003.
BadMoon11184.91.219.136:5500BadMoon!@! Home of the BadMoon Tracker!@!
Digital Obsession971.172.25.5:5500the stickytack server, now also running as D.O.
Hotline Tracker - hltracker.com7108.166.183.144:5500The one and only! This is the official base for any Hotline tracking awesomesauce. If you like tracking, you'll love us! So hangout, take a load off, and feel free to chat!
UberFoX's Server781.107.215.129:5500The Official Pitbull Pro & Sputnik Development Server
Da Hangover5184.91.219.136:5600Stop in, take your coat off and grab a pint.
Amadeus495.96.181.72:5500Hotline as it was meant to be...
LostArch's Private Backup375.75.160.158:5500If you can figure out how to get in... Enjoy!
Bob Kiwi's House376.100.233.232:5500Recreating my old HL server from 1999-2001. Classic Mac stuff.
MAJOR MAC BACKUP 2199.126.230.93:1111~Your Archiving Resource~
higher intellect266.209.184.244:5500'Be curious always, for knowledge will not acquire you, you must acquire it.' texts, rare and old operating systems, chat, etc.
[?UUU] m???1182.218.241.134:5500Log&Pass=?[ / ? ? "??" " ? "...
Higher Intellect -
amagpie1x081.174.185.89:5500personal backup server. see agreement
24CaFE0211.129.221.111:5500guest on
shxd.cx064.201.244.141:5500Hotline Development Forum [Open to Guest]
MAJOR MAC BACKUP SILVER 0199.126.230.93:8888~Your Archiving Resource~
MAJOR MAC BACKUP BRONZE 0199.126.230.93:7777~Your Archiving Resource~
MAJOR MAC BACKUP GOLD 0199.126.230.93:9999~Your Archiving Resource~
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